Broadway Professional Kit (included in most packages)

Broadway Beauty Academy


Students only, this is included in the Interactive Package so there is no need to purchase separately. We price our products fairly to fit your budget. All products in our kit were handpicked by us to ensure success. These are the same products we use to service our clients. 

Kit Contents:

-3 pigments, each pigment services 20-25 clients and made in the USA (w/4 pigments included, this should service almost 100 clients, plus we give you the popular colors)
-1 corrector
-3 hand tools (sterilized after every use)
-single use blades (mixed)
-disposable implement samples
-2 anesthetics (numbing)
-latex practice skin for after class
-pigment rings
-brow pencils
-brow measuring kit
-cleanser for after treatment
-after care balm samples
-microfiber brushes
-brow symmetry ruler
-cute carrying case (picture is an example not the actual case, if its a discounted training or replacement kit then the case is not included)