NEW Style #1 Double Magnet by Clique (POPULAR)

B R O A D W A Y & C L I Q U E


We listen to our customers and now have a double magnet option. NEW STYLE #1

BUYER ADVICE: NEW Style #1 has two magnets, it will be slightly heavier and should contour to your lash line better. It will cover more of your lash line then the other styles, however it still is used for mid to outer wear, it also might require you to contour it to your eye line by gently bending it. If you have weak natural lashes, then we don't recommend this style.

Magnetic lashes - what? Yes a magnetic lash!! These are similar to a strip lash but NO GLUE! We have several different styles so you can customize your look for every occasion. Each item is a set (both eyes, total of 4 pieces). Please note, this are mainly for outer/mid lash line wear.

These are semi permanent and are attached using magnets, they should be cleaned and taken care of. We do not recommend pulling them off, there's a special way to get them off.

We are excited for you to try them!

Updated processing/shipping time for most styles is 3-7 business days! YAY!!!

**The pictures appear bigger than the actual product, the magnet and lashes are lightweight so they will be comfortable on your eyes :) Please handle with care.

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